Pre-1956 Album Charts Redux / End of this blog

This is going to be my last post on The Jukebox Rebel news blog!

I’ve decided to switch my news reporting to my newly created mainstream social media channels, so please follow The Jukebox Rebel on Twitter or like like The Jukebox Rebel on Facebook to keep in touch with all my developing music review news. Check me, moving with the times ::rollseyes::

Meanwhile, I’ll continue to blog about the best of the new additions to my collection over on the last great record blog, so you haven’t quite heard the last of me on Word Press!

Since my last news post in November I’ve been hard at it on my main website, developing the design to present my reviews in a more enjoyable and user-friendly way. Album charts from 1939 to 1955 are now fully illustrated with a link to album-specific pages where you’ll find the review, track-by-track ratings and my jukebox picks.

Beyond that, you can also click through to artist biography and discography profiles.

All of this is helped along via embeds from Wikipedia, YouTube and Spotify.

As previously promised, playlists will be a standard feature on almost all of my charts but due to the relatively low number of albums from pre-1956, there’s not much point within these early years charts.

1939 – Lead Belly Takes My First Album Chart Honours
1940 – Enter Stage Left, Woody Guthrie
1941 – The Year Of The Almanacs
1942 – Fare Thee Well Almanacs
1943 – Talkin’ Revolution
1944 – Blow Them Fascists All To Hell
1945 – Massacred Citizens Remembered
1946 – Songs For ‘Lil Cathy, Age 3½
1947 – The End Of An Era
1948 – The Dawning Of The LP Era
1949 – The Great Album Speed War Of 1949
1950 – La Môme Piaf Est Numéro Un
1951 – Hank’s Ex-Jukebox Cuts Make Up Debut Album
1952 – Trad Folk Revival Propelled
1953 – Hank Lives On
1954 – Bonjour De Belgique
1955 – One Eyed Cat Peepin’ In A Seafood Store Hits Pop Charts!

Coming thick and fast in the very near future will be the revamped charts from 1956 to 1980, as well as the establishment of around 70 genre pages – please do follow the news via my website / social media channels to keep in touch with all the developments:

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