Rip it up and start again

I hope to God you’re not as dumb as you make out

Do you ever get that feeling that someone’s singing just to you? : – O

Edwyn’s classic has been whirling around my head the last wee while as I wrestle with the task of improving the site’s usability and functionality. The ungainly chart templates are destined for the trash can and, before pressing on with any more, I’m working on a complete revamp, as tricky as that is for a near-clueless programming novice ; – )

For one, I’m going to try and make the new design more mobile-friendly and, with that in mind, I began the process a couple of months back, introducing alternative header masts which show according to browser width.

Today, I’m pleased to upload a newly designed About page and, taking onboard some friendly advice, have put some real photos of myself, lest ye thought ye were actually dealing with a penguin.

More updates soon… watch this space…

You know this scene is very humdrum
And my favourite song’s entitled ‘boredom’


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