The Beatles

I’ve postponed plans to have a page for every artist in my collection as there are approx. 23,000 of them and it’s too much to handle at this stage – you may have noticed that the vast index of empty links has now disappeared. In the meantime I’ll be content with focusing on those for whom I own at least one album, and there’s 3,100 of them. A new index for these will appear shortly.

“I been working like a dog”

Working my template, I’m showing the good old Beatles as the first to be fully featured which seems like a good idea as I own all their main albums and the profile is fuller and therefore more pleasing to behold.

All 3,100 album artists will have a base profile like this, where my own thoughts and ratings will be augmented by embedding Wikipedia, YouTube and Spotify, which is sure to make the reading and listening experience more enjoyable for everyone.

I’m quite pleased with how the design handles across all the different devices – it’s not too shabby on mobiles; at least not too shabby bearing in mind my amateur programming abilities!

I’ll live with the new design for a short while before “rolling it out” en masse.

In related news, a new template for the album charts is coming very soon…


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