Album Chart of 1964 REDUX


Some solid progress to report : – )

The Album Chart of 1964, lorded over by King Bob and Queen Irma, stands as the latest of the new templates, and comes headed with a 2 hour playlist.

YouTube, Wikipedia and Spotify are all playing a big part in the revamp, really bringing the site to life I feel.

So, the big change with the album chart presentation was to remove the full album profiles from the rundown itself, thereby forcing each album onto its own individual page which, to be honest, was always my long-term intention anyway.

The page load time has been halved, but still takes several seconds to fully populate. I guess that’s the price to pay when it’s content rich; I can live with it and hope visitors will feel the same.

So, from hereon there will be three major blocks of content – the album charts, the individual artist pages and the individual album pages, all of which will be interlinked for hop-a-round-ability.

Supporting this, the A-Z index pages have also been redone, with the small number of album artists covered so far (34 of them) hyperlinked.

With so many tripwires I’m taking it easy at the moment to see if I’m handling it in the most efficient way behind the scenes, so I’ll probably sit like this for a short period, hopefully following with a big roll out of completed profiles 1939 to 1980 within the next several weeks.

So far so good with the revamp.

By the way, it was remiss of me not to post a tune on my Beatles post the other day… pffft… call myself a music fan!!! We’ll say no more about it and forward march behind Sir Billy with some top-notch kryptonite

Start your own revolution and cut out the middleman


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